AD Rush for AV

The key element of this premade's success with or without a good leader, is people who have a mind to pvp. This is critical. You must all be able to look at the map and decide where you need to be. You must be able to communicate that you are going somewhere for assistance, so that everyone knows how things are unfolding.

People have complimented me on my leading of this strategy, but in all honesty, the best games are the ones where I say very little, and the other 39 people have a mind to pvp and know what they're doing. Because it's those games where we end with 10 mins and 630 honor. I will say something, and the response I get is, "I'm already on it." There is nothing sweeter to my ears than hearing that, and watching this well-oiled machine rip through the Alliance.

When I run the premades, I use this macro to setup the groups:

/ra G1-2 = BAL and BACK CAP IBtower+TP
/ra G3 = SHbunker + then Van
/ra G4-5 = SHgy + IWbunker and then Van
/ra G6-8 = AS + bunkers
/ra any questions?

I will explain the strategy first, and then I will give details about running the premades and group compositions.

The second macro I use is one for all of the puggers who make it into our premade:

/bg This is AD Rush strat...we'd appreciate your help cleaning up Balinda and then securing IW and SH bunker before rushing AS.
/bg We've got back capping covered.
/bg thank you for your help. If you wish to assist with back cap or AS assault please do.


Overall Objective: Control everything between FWgy and SF gy. Completely destroy all alliance bunkers. Kill Balinda. Set Wing Commanders free early. End the game in 10 mins with 630 honor.

Groups 1-2 will assault Balinda. Balinda must be taking a dirtnap when the timer for AV reaches 3mins. There's roughly 2 mins of time spent buffing and setting up. This means that you have 1-1.5 mins to get to Balinda and drop her like it's hot. YOU MUST KILL THE ELEMENTAL QUICKLY. Otherwise, this could stall your backcap group from mounting up for another good 30+ seconds.
Once you're finished with Balinda, proceed to IB Tower, TP, and IB GY. IBgy is central to the back capping group, and must be controlled, but obviously the towers are the key to thwarting the Alliance Offense.
Once a graveyard is assaulted below IBgy, you can take Snowfall Gy.
The point of this backcap session is to hold everything between FWgy and SF gy, including the mine. Backcappers you have your work cut out for you. You must be on your toes (if they haven't been chopped off yet).

Group 3: Do not underestimate your objective. You must assault this bunker before Balinda is dead. You also must stay and defend it until it caps. The only exceptions are if the backcap group needs assistance, and you have absolutely NO alliance trying to recap your bunker. Once you're finished here, proceed to Dun Baldar to assist with shortening the lifespan of the already short and dwarfy Van.

Groups 4-5: Your mission is to take Shgy + Icewing Bunker. Some good advice here is to take the Gy first, then proceed to the bunker. This will cause the alliance to NOT be able to resurrect here - slowing their offense. Also, it's best if you camp the Icewing bunker, and watch Shgy from the bunker. You can do this with 1 person on the GY and everyone else in the bunker. You may get resistance from the people ressing at Stormpike GY trying to press their way back to offense. It is imperative that this bunker (and all bunkers) remain under horde control until capped.

Groups 6-8: You are fast. You are fast. You are fast. You are so fast, you are what fast wants to be when it grows up. Rush to the Dun Baldar area without stopping. Do not pass GO and do not collect $200. Skip Stormpike GY. You want the alliance to res here in order to slow them down.
You must assault First Aid Station Gy by the time Balinda goes facedown in the dirt.
Again, good advice is to grab the GY. AVOID THE NPC's BY GOING LEFT OF THE BROKEN DOWN TANK. And then cram into the bunkers and set 3 people to watch AS GY. If assistance is needed to maintain control of the GY a few people can leave the bunkers, but if the alliance recap a bunker, then your game just got extended by 3 mins.
The other crucial part of this group is that when the last bunker hits 30 seconds on its timer. You start killing Van. Take the dps slowly, and steady. There's no need to pull aggro. Once the last bunker caps, you finish Van with a spike so hard that you hear a voice in your head saying, "TOASTY!"


As you setup the premade. You will want everyone on vent. This can be frustrating, so you must possess load of patience. You will probably have to walk people through the strategy several times due to poeple leaving because of their impatience, or life calling, etc. And sometimes you have invited people who come for one game and leave, forcing you to have to go over the strategy again with all of the newcomers. This will dwindle as more and more people learn the strategy.

G1-2: These people must have 300+ resilience. No exceptions. They must play like a 5's team. Good AOE and spike is your ideal group comp. These groups each need 1 healer. Preferably a druid/priest and a paladin/shaman. I do not allow hunters into this group because they are subject to line of sight issues. This does not bode well for recapping. I generally use mages, enhance shaman (fire ele totems and spike dmg). If the warlocks refuse to SoC, move them to another group. It's best to NOT FEAR immediately. Nova them down into place and start killing. Fear to interup heals, etc. ALWAYS TARGET HEALERS FIRST.
If your G1-2 poeple are failing to listen when you give commands, then you will have a very difficult time maintaining a hold.
***These players must also have a mind about them for pvp. Someone who likes to sit and hold a defense is better defending a bunker. These players must always maintain the ultimate objective, and know when to attack and when to retreat.

G3-5. When you're setting up these groups. You can allow players who are green machines that want experience to join these. They can help keep people off the flags and they can help kill npcs. This is where they will shine, and they can prove that they are not holding anyone back. Greenmachines can play their part too (but again, they will need to NOT GO AFK / regardless of whether they say "I'm here").

G6-8. I generally use 3-4 healers, several tanking classes (just in case someone dies and cannot make it back). This is where your hunters, warlocks, and others will shine. The ranged is great for the bunkers. The endless dot dmg, and the tanking classes can easily handle npc's when someone goes off the path. Put strong healers here, and strong dps. But reserve your strongest for the Backcap group.

You must assign 1 person to be in charge of returning the Wing Commanders, and capping the north mine. This person is best if it's a rogue/mage who is also a part of either IWbunker or AS group.

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