AD Rush for EOTS

This strategy relies on players who know how to pvp. This means that they have a mind to know when to fight in the road, and when to cram into the towers. They know when to chase down people and grab hk's, and when to stay put and fight to control the towers. HK farmers have no place in this strategy.

The Main Objective: 5 min game with 4cap + flags.

Here is the macro that I use to set everyone up and explain:

G1 = MT
G2 + G3 = DR
G4 = FR, BE + Flag cap

Groups 1-3 are pretty straight forward. There is a little difference here with this strategy than with normal BGs. Everyone tells you, "Don't fight in the road!" I say, "FIGHT IN THE ROAD!" But only at the beginning.
THIS IS CRUCIAL. The groups go to their respective objectives, and as they cross the bridges they must stop and kill the alliance quickly. This is the most epic moment of the attempt. What this accomplishes is that it forces the alliance to res at the spawn point instead of a tower. This slows down their offense. You must do this quickly, because if they manage to obtain a tower, it will force your progress to slow tremendously. I sometimes stop to kill them, and then get them to follow us to their own towers where we finish them off, and stop their progress / take control.

Normally, DR is the least defended by the alliance (and also combined with it being the one that we send the most to), and this being the case normally most of the people headed to DR can stay mounted until we gain control, then push on to MT to assist with control of that tower.

Another important thing to remember is that if you see 2-3 horde killing one person, you don't need to stop and assist them. Keep pressing on to your objective.

Group 4: The infamous group four. Comprised of only 2 people, this group is either best if it's rogue, hunter, paladin, druid. All of these classes have speed increasing abilities. Your mission is to divide your efforts up between FR and BT, and control them quickly. As soon as they are under your control, start running the flag. Setup a snatch and switch combo where one of the members grabs the flag, then passes it to the person running it (preferably a druid - feral is really nice here). This makes it move so much smoother.
This group is also responsible for calling out the incs to FR and BT. You must call them out early. Any delay can slow the game duration. As you run the flags switch of which towers you run it to so that you can keep an eye on both.

Everyone must be willing to respond in massive and immediate action to any incoming calls that are made.

**Once you gain control of 3 towers and the fourth tower is either in contest or controlled by you as well, then you push to the spawn point and you start camping them.

This strategy is intended to intimidate the alliance into giving up early. If you manage to gain control of the 4 towers and setup a spawn-point choke, then they will give up, and comes down to a matter of how quickly you can cap those flags.


Each group must have at least 1 healer, and it's nice if DR has 2 healers headed to it.
Make sure that your G1 (your MT group) has the best geared players going there. They are required to put up an intense fight often against outnumbered odds.
Also, I tend to try and setup a Windfury group whenever possible. I always put all of the warriors with a shaman, and then ask the shaman to drop WF totem. I normally send that group to DR so that they clean it up even faster, then they can help secure MT even faster.

I tend to compose Group 4 of my least geared players, because they are primarily used to run the flag and call for incs. However, their objectives are no less important, but it is a nice way to work in someone whose gear is not "ideal".

Again, people love it when I lead this strategy, but it's not my leadership that makes it work. It's everyone working together as a unit and communicating. The best games are always the ones when I am required to say very little.

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