AD Comments on Rath Strat

This strategy was created by Rathamus - Nathrezim.

First and foremost, this strategy, and all of the strategies posted here, is not exclusive to our battlegroup, nor did it originate on our battlegroup and transfer to others, but in this battlegroup it was started by the man above - Our Beloved Trucker.

The Main Objective: To satisfy your thirsty lust for blood. To quench your insatiable desire to completely DOMINATE the Alliance. To end the game with 630+ honor, and leave the Alliance with 0.

The raid splits 50/50, everyone except people with the ability to stealth. Part goes to offense to take SH bunker, IW Bunker, and SH gy. It is extremely beneficial if Hunters are the first to volunteer for this group, and a few mages (but not all of them - you'll see why). Hunter traps are extremely useful for slowing down the Alliance forces, and flares are essential to holding a solid choke against stealthers. The other part goes to Captain Galvander and prepares to wipe the Alliance assault. The stealthers will make their way straight to Dun Baldar and prepare to cap bunkers.

The Macros:

For leading a premade with some puggers:
/bg Welcome to Nath premade -- we love our Puggers. Puggers please push to SHGY but leave BALinda alone until we get them wiped at GALV.
/bg We will take care of GALV.

For leading a Rath strat of all puggers. (You can also use this for your premade, but you will want to be a bit more specific as you explain it on vent.)
Rath Strat
Split the raid 50/50 - Half go behind Galv and prep a massive wipe -- Half go to SHgy and setup a Choke.
Hunters please proceed to Choke.
If you have a stealth button proceed to Dun Baldar and cap towers


There are several primary flare / trap spots. First off, always fight behind the stump located next to IW Bunker. The alliance can ride up to the Lumber Mill, and jump down the mountain and completely pass you if you are too far north. The stump is a good place to keep an eye on everything. Flare/trap on the main road, of course. Flare and trap in the gap between the mountain and IW Bunker - it IS possible to jump through there and totally bypass the choke if your vigilance wanes. Also, Flare in the trees to the east of the road where the Alliance like to jump down from the mountainside.

Mages at the Choke are sheep-machines. Anytime someone tries to ride through a slow trap or an Earth Bind Totem, you will be sheeping them like mad.

The main objective is to let ZERO Alliance escape your choke, hence it's called a CHOKE. This means you have no use for ANY DEFENDERS once the choke is established.

The other portion of the 50/50 split goes and waits behind Captain Galvander. You do not need to guard any towers or any graveyards. These will be recapped in time. Stack behind Galv's room outside, and stack on top of each other so that druids and hunters with track humans only see 1 dot on their map. This is meant to cause alarm and surprise when they mouse over this one dot, or cause them to neglect you altogether and start attacking Galv.

As soon as Galv yells, they have started the attack. There are occaisions where the Alliance send 35 people to Galv. This means that Galv could be dead within seconds, so you must rush in at once. Throw all of your slow effects, healers concentrate ALL HEALS ON GALV until he's back to 90%. Galv is a pretty tough cookie, he can handle himself in a fight. All available mages, warlocks, Shaman Fire totems, etc. need to be spamming their AOEs. Target healers for silences, and cyclone the tank if possible. Cycloning the tank will cause Galv to go to the next highest threat which is usually a healer or their highest dpser - who are normally panzies hiding behind their plate covered tanks. These cowards will run out and reset, but be prepared if they do not. Finish them off, and then start back capping.

MAJOR NOTE: Take all insignias. The point of this strategy is to maintain a lockdown. If the alliance are allowed to corpse walk, then there's no set of traps / flares that will stop them. These games can last anywhere from 20-40+ minutes, so a two minute res timer is inconsequential when it comes to a frustrated Alliance wanting to find solitude in his offensive attacks.

The final part of this raid is the stealth group - anyone with a stealth button (no mages have a stealth button yes, but when it comes to being suck.). Make your way to the area of the map that's near Stormpike graveyard. You must be very careful here. Sometimes the Alliance will setup traps on the bridge to prevent you from coming, avoid them at all costs. DO NOT BE SEEN. You were given stealth for a reason. Your #1 priority is to NOT BE SEEN.

As the Alliance make their attempts to assault, they will die. As they die, they will need a place to res. They will res at SH gy or Aid Station gy. When the 35 of them wipe at Galv, most likely the horde will have assaulted SHgy seeing as this is one of their main objectives for Choking. This means that all of the people wiping at Galv will be ressing at ASgy - the very place you are trying to attack. So, you wait.

Every 30 secs a group will res. It takes about 1-2 mins to wipe the group at Galv. Once you see 2 waves of Alliance rush across the bridge, then it's safe to go, but not beforehand. I say this because there are these little OP Racials called "Perceptoin" that have been given to the Alliance (Never again will I listen to an Alliance QQ about OP Horde racials - you both have powers, learn to use them).

As you enter Dun Baldar, you are not allowed to sap, distract, attack, etc. YOU MUST REMAIN IN NINJAMODE! If you are a resto druid, you must remain outside the bunker and away from the archers because they can see you. If you assault the bunker without aggroing ANY ARCHERS, they will simply despawn. Sap the archers that can see you when you assault the Bunker, and then cap it. This is pretty straight forward.

Send 1 rogue to South Bunker while you maintain your main force at North Bunker. South Bunker is simply a distraction. That 1 rogue is meant to stay and keep recapping that Bunker every time the alliance walk in and out of it while the main force defends North. The strategy in this is that the South Bunker is the first one the Alliance come to as they res at AS gy (no you are not assaulting AS GY). They will go for it first, and keep becoming frustrated with this one annoying rogue, and in no time they will lose North Bunker. Also, this despawns the archers from South Bunker making the switch from North to South that much easier.

Once these 2 bunkers are down the game is over (for the most part).

#1 - Setup Choke
#2 - Wipe at Galv
#3 - Stealth group assault
#4 - Secure Choke with 99-100% effectiveness
#5 - After 100% effective choke, give Balinda a dirtnap
#6 - Secure both mines and watch for any needed back capping.
#7 - After all the bunkers are down - the DEATH MARCH.

This is probably everyone's FAVORITE part. This is where the money is made in this strategy. Every AV gets the same honor for Bunkers, etc. But this strategy is a 20-40+ minute gorefest of brutality. You must leave 5 people to keep your choke secure. 1 Mage, 2 hunters, 1 healer, and anyone else who volunteers. THIS IS NECESSARY.

You will slowly march as a single unit straight to SP gy. YOU DO NOT CAP SP gy.

I think you get the point.

You will kill the alliance, and force them to res at the graveyard. Paladins be ready to cast BLESSING OF PROTECTION on anyone who is retarded enough to try and cap the SP gy...this will effectively stop them from capping it. Force the alliance to res at SP gy, and setup AOE, slow, etc. Everytime a wave of them res, kill them. Fight them in the actual res spot. Let no one free.

They will either run away from the spirit resser in order to not be slaughtered embarassingly like pigs, or they will res to try and die faster to end their shame. To make their shame complete, you must also kill ALL ALLIANCE WING COMMANDERS as they are loosed, and free your own WING COMMANDERS.

This strategy is fun. It is NOT meant to be a fast honor grind. It is NOT meant to be a fast MARKS grind. This strategy is designed for 1 purpose and 1 purpose only.


You are telling the Alliance that you own them. You are showing them what the map looks like when you win with 600 reinforcements. You are showing them what it feels like to enter a BG and get 0 bonus honor. I repeat 0 bonus honor. This is a strategy for fun, for victory, but not for the feignt of heart.

However, there is a downside to this strategy. This strategy focuses on one thing and one thing only. CHOKING. Choking is basically hk farming. The majority of the raid will be doing this the entire time. The OVEREMPHASIS on hk farming in this strategy causes poeple to lose their minds when it comes to regular AV runs, as well as other BG's.

In my professional opinion, this strategy is great, but it plays to the weakness inherent in all of us - The LUST FOR BLOOD. It can be a nasty wakeup call when you run this strategy, and then switch to a quick AD Rush, or YK Rush, etc. People's minds are geared for hk farming, and sometimes it's hard to make that switch.

Also, this strategy attracts a lot of undergeared players, and a lot of people who are new to BG's, or simply new to the game itself. It's a relatively straightforward and easy strategy...the difficulty is in getting the people to move in 1 mass to accomplish the goals. However, being that it attracts this type of player, that also means that they are not learning what I call "proper" BG strategy.

YOU MUST REMEMBER: BG's are NOT played this way. This is a specially designed strategy for the sole purpose of TOTAL DOMINATION. AB, WSG, EOTS are NOT PLAYED BY HK Farming. And regular AVs are NOT played by hk farming. If you are in a regular AV, do not stop to kill an alliance that has NOTHING to do with your objective...STICK TO YOUR OBJECTIVES.

That's my soap box, and now I'm stepping off.


Decilation said…
Beautiful recognition of it, though it may be old, it's very accurate.

I would love to see people getting more and more into this, on the Alliance and on the Horde both. It's a lot of fun, but even more fun when it's AV Weekend and the Alliance get into Tryhard mode.
Afreet said…
For the ones rath has lead. over 600 Wins only 2 Losses and Approaching the 200 win streak.

If your horde and love AV you are missing out by not coming atleast once.

Need Preform AV Enabler and Join vent port 4135 and ask if theres a wait list for those in the war room or nathrezim chat channel.
Anonymous said…
Here's the thing though: most AVs I see nowadays, alliance doesn't bother with Galv at all and just rides through. Any attempt to block them would then require a stand at the graveyard where the defense might be overwhelmed (or simply not react fast enough).

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